Dr. Kenneth H. Cohn

Dr. Kenneth H. Cohn

In Memoriam

In the spirit of unity we dedicate this website to the life and legacy of Dr. Kenneth H. Cohn who passed away June 24, 2015.

Kens books, articles, research, videos and information will continue to appear on this site to extend the message of healthcare collaboration to his community.

Over the years Ken realized that physicians enjoy learning from fellow physicians, as he helped scores of physicians learn techniques of active listening, win-win negotiation, and conflict resolution historically not approached in medical school, residency, or fellowship.

We hope that you enjoyed Dr. Ken Cohn’s seminars, speaker events, books, articles and mentoring projects over the years. We thank you for your business, support, leadership and colleagueship. May the empowering message of functional collaboration spread throughout your entire healthcare organization, community and world.

Please enjoy this website as a reference to the legacy and work of Dr. Ken Cohn.

To make a contribution to the Dana-Farber cancer fund in memory of Dr. Cohn, please visit his giving page by clicking here.


Dr. Ken Cohn’s Dana Farber/ Jimmy Fund page

To make a donation to Dr. Ken Cohn’s Dana Farber/ Jimmy Fund page, visit http://www.myjimmyfundpage.org/give/kencohn

KHC giving page

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If you would like to download Dr. Cohn’s Ten Step Guide to Reinvention, please click here.